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Latest Bench Reviews from our Canadian Customers

  1. Nice Bench Review by Patrick
    Overall Rating

    This is not the top bench, BUT: the bench is very sturdy, can support 600lbs (which is plenty for almost everyone) and easy to use.

    Similar to the bodycraft F602, not as strong but the price is incredibly low.

    Only thing I tough was missing are wheels in the back for moving it but it is very light so didn't realy need them.

    Also, for the decline, it is not a lot but you can just bring the arm down completely to rest on the back instead for a increase decline.

    Make sure you tighten all the bolts already on it (not too much for the arm)

    For this price, it won't get better than this. (Posted on 2015-04-20)

  2. Love it Review by Lucas
    Overall Rating

    Some of it comes pre-assembled and the screw that are already placed in are rather loose and loosen when tightened. This is causes the bench to have a slight wobble.

    This is the only con of this product. I would have subtracted a star, but the price outweighed this minor blemish.


    Assembly is a piece of cake.

    The bench is rated at just over 600lbs and I have tested it with a total of 450 (bodyweight included) and it is extremely sturdy. I do not feel like in danger at all.

    OHP, incline bench, flat, decline crunches all work perfectly. Very easy to adjust the seat or the bench

    It is more aesthetic in person than the photo reveals. Looks amazing.

    I would not regret paying $200 for this bench. It is better quality than many $250 benches.

    Took only 2 days to arrive. (Posted on 2015-02-04)

  3. Sturdy Review by Randy
    Overall Rating

    Bench feels very sturdy not much movement if any at all, padding is firm but not hard, just right. Welds seem to be good quality and the overall bench seems to be well built.

    There is a decline angle, however I wish it would decline at a lower degree but not too big of a deal. Check all your bolts including the pre-assembled ones to ensure they're tight. (Posted on 2015-01-28)

  4. Good Bench Review by Josh
    Overall Rating

    This is a solid bench and doesn't rock even when doing dumbbell flys. I like the stabilizers on the bottom because I have an uneven wood floor. Assembly was a breeze, just followed the pictures, all the tools are included. Good heavy duty bench with easily adjustable settings on both the seat and the back. (Posted on 2015-01-18)

  5. Good Bench Review by Craigger
    Overall Rating

    Works well and is lightweight. Just need to roll up a towel and place between the seat and the back when using as a flat bench or the gap is too wide (same issue with every folding bench) (Posted on 2014-10-27)

Free Weight Exercise Benches

Exercise Benches are a staple in any gym. They are essential for many exercises, as a bench provides you a station to work at, and makes it safer and more comfortable to do your exercises. Whether you are working with free weights such as dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells, or even doing band work or body weight exercises, Exercise Benches provide a stable base for your routines.

Available at The Treadmill Factory

At The Treadmill Factory, we only carry safe and reputable brands, such as Body Solid, Xtreme Monkey, Torque Fitness, Element Fitness and Powerline, to name a few. Our line of benches ranges from standard Flat Benches, Incline and Decline benches, and Olympic Benches. Bench attachments are also available for those of you that want to level up your exercise benches.