6 Healthy Eating Tips For Seniors

Declining appetite is a natural part of aging. The body no longer needs as much fuel as it once did and the taste buds become less receptive. For seniors who have been advised by their doctors to gain or maintain their weight, and for caregivers or companions who are trying to help with an elder’s nutrition, here are 6 ways to make eating easier:

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Trina’s Holiday HIIT Fit

It’s Holiday Hustle Time! I know you are busy and let’s not talk about how many holiday beverages and extra calories you are consuming!  I’ve got a solution 4 you.  I want you to commit 8 minutes a day to keep those calories burning away.

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Breaking Plateaus

At the start of your health and fitness program you will generally feel the changes before you see them.  Soon enough the scale shifts, you’re shedding fat and you’re feeling great.  After a while though you find that you’re not making any more progress. 

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Tips to Having a Safe Bench Press Workout

The DB Bench Press and all of its variations is an open chain multi joint upper body movement that primarily recruits the pectoralis muscle groups along with contribution from the triceps brachii, anterior deltoid with assistance from all muscles attaching to the scapulae and abdominal wall to ensure proper movement of the scapulae and the humeral head within the glenoid fossa of the scapula. Yeah…a tonne of jargon that essentially means, it works a lot of stuff and you need to work hard to do the movement!

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Exercising with the Swiss!

This multiple purpose bar is a tool that every gym should have. With each hand positioning, and how you use the bar, it can focus on different muscles groups. For example in the picture it is showing a curl with hands slightly tilted up, which focuses hugely on your biceps. Another example for how amazing this bar can be is if you use it for a barbell row, it can have a massive effect on your latissimus muscles and other muscles depending on where your hands are placed.

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FLAT out Fun

A great piece of exercise equipment for quick foot agility workout is the agility ladder. It is one of my all time favorite training tools. Not only is it FLAT out fun, it is easily transportable and can be used for all ages and levels to improve and increase basic running and movement skills.

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3 Critical Mistakes People Make when Trying to Lose Weight

Part 1 in a 3 Part Series

Today, more and more people are dieting and exercising in attempts to lose weight. Since the year 2000, the number of dieters in the United States alone has more than doubled.  In fact, the average dieter will begin a new diet every 90 days.  With so many people working to lose weight, it would be logical to think that we have the dieting and exercise game all figured out. Unfortunately, the reality is that more people continue to struggle with their weight because they continue to make vital mistakes with their weight loss regimen.

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5 Quick Tips to a Proper Squat

If you want to lose weight and/or build muscle, then the Squat is for you! Squats work a variety of muscles in your body and have amazing benefits. The most important thing to know about squats is how to do them correctly! If you don’t know how to do them using proper form, then consult a professional and learn the technique that will get you results and prevent you from injury.

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Fight for Fitness

There are so many great benefits to martial arts! This high aerobic sport will get your heart pumping and melt your stress away. Punch, kick and channel your inner fighter! Get out your frustrations and get fit at the same time. Martial arts isn’t about violence, it is about self control, discipline and respect. All great qualities that will help you in all aspects of your life.

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6 Tips To Burn Fat You Didn’t Know About

It is time for us to take a look at what goes down to what goes down inside our bodies! It is not just about calories in and calories out! Macros have a metabolic purpose in our bodies! You need to think about what you are eating and when! You need to think about moving more instead of sitting more!

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How Breathing Can Transform How You Exercise

I know it seems straightforward but it is very important to breath while you exercise. Most people who exercise regularly realize that holding your breath during a workout is counterproductive, but don’t know that coordinating your breathing with each movement is just as important.

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Why we should workout for how our bodies move

For many of us working out or going to the gym can often be intimidating. With all of the choices in equipment, programs and classes; gyms can contribute to the confusion of what we should do for a good workout. This confusion may cause some of us to hire a personal trainer or join group exercise classes hoping that it will meet our health and fitness needs. While using the services of knowledgeable health professionals is a good place to start, for those who don’t have the resources to hire professionals, what do we do? Well whether or not you have help achieving your fitness goals below are 3 ways to approach your workouts for optimizing how your bodies move.

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Don’t Just Sit There!

A study published last year in the Journal of the American Heart Association linked TV watching with death. Same goes for playing video games. Morbid, I know. But it’s not the watching or gaming that’s killing us – it’s the sitting.

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Reasons Why Walking Is Good For Seniors

Once people learn to walk it usually becomes a great source for transportation. Over the years even when technology has given us the bicycle, cars, trains and subways; walking has always been an option that is cheap, efficient and a good way to stay active even if its just to the car.

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Staying Active During Winter

Many people don’t like cold weather; which usually means sub zero temperatures, snow and ice. Without the option of going down south during the winter or hibernating; people have to live regardless of the weather.

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How to Set and Achieve Fitness Goals

So here we are in February, the perfect time to assess our progress towards the goals we set at the beginning of the year. If you’re like many you may be cringing at the thought because what research tells us is that by the first week of the year 1/4 of those who make a resolution give up and another 40% abandon their goal by the end of the month.

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Top 6 Exercises for Hockey Players

Oh what a game! Hockey players are without question some of the best conditioned athletes in competitive sports. Today’s players are not only highly skilled, but highly conditioned. Excellent stamina is 100% necessary. Good muscular strength (legs, chest, back, shoulders, and core) is another must.

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How To Think Like A Champion

I can recall a television commercial featuring Brett Hull – NHL player for (at that point) the St-Louis Blues. He said something that stuck with me all these years “If you want to be a winner, you got to think like a winner.” Athletes and non-athletes can benefit greatly from this concept.

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What Is Functional Fitness

Let’s break it down. Fitness is defined as the bodies’ ability to adapt to stress. The functional element to fitness can be described as the specific stress an individual wants to adapt to. For example – a football player (some positions more than others) require explosive strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and coordination.

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EPOC Your Way to Ultimate Fat Burning

EPOC is a term that has been thrown around a lot. People have been told it’s a good thing but no idea what it actually means! EPOC – excess post exercise oxygen consumption, to put it simply, is your body trying to get back to your pre workout state, homeostasis.

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3 Super Effective Ways to Reduce Knee Injuries

As a personal trainer to mostly female clients I am deeply disturbed by a rising trend that I am seeing. Women in their 30’s and 40’s who are barely able to get up from sitting position without using some sort of crutch. Knee issues are on the rise and mostly in women. I would say over 85 percent of my female clients over 40 have either moderate to major knee issues/injury.

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