5 Must Have Fitness Tools!

There are so many different fitness tools out there and all are amazing! There are some, how ever, that are very important to have for a variety of reasons! These must have tools are not only affordable, they are easy to take on trips, won’t take up much space in your gym bag and easy to store at home! They are versatile in what they can be used for which makes them fitness gems!

1. Foam roller: There is one main reason to use this amazing fitness tool and that is for self myofascial release. This is great before starting a workout and after more intense workouts. Foam rolling has many benefits: Improved circulation, Increased blood flow, Releases muscle tightness, Breaks down knots in your muscles and Reduces pain.

Element Fitness Core 13″ Foam Roller There is also a guide to advise you on muscles to roll and how! The Great Foam Roller Handbook


2. Strength Bands: These heavy duty bands are great for so many things! You can use them for stretching. They can assist you in movements like chin ups. Great for a rehab tool and much more!


These are great exercises if you have knee injuries or weakness.

3. Mini bands: I use these little guys for many different things! I prep my clients for workouts with band walks for their glutes. They are also great to use in planks. Both around wrists to external rotations while in a plank or around ankles and do toe taps side to side. Great to work glutes while squatting whether you are stationary or squatting to the side.


4. Gliders: So many cool exercises can be done with the Gliders! They are great for assisting in moving properly in exercises like lateral or curtsy lunges. Using them when you do mountain climbers targets your core a lot more. It allows you to keep your torso still while moving your legs which gets the core firing! They are also amazing for plank variations!


5. Gymboss timer: This tool is great as a regular timer and an interval timer! Timing your rest periods are important! At the end of your workout doing a tabata or some metabolic conditioning is a great way to create “after burn” (fat burning after the workout is over). With the Gymboss it makes it way easier! Just clip it on and listen for the beeps! No need to look at it!


There are so many amazing fitness tools out there. After 25 years of training and working out, I find these to be the most used and easy to carry! Great for Personal Trainers and those who want a great workout! You can find these and many more at The Treadmill Factory

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Carmen Shawn

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