6 Exercises to 6 pack ABS Using TRX

Kasia Sitarz demonstrating 6 effective TRX exercises that you can do to get 6 pack abs easily.

1. Plank your feet in the handles of the stirrups:

Start by lying face down with your elbows underneath your chest.

Lift your body off the ground and onto your forearms. Maintain a flat back and do not allow your hips to sag toward the ground. Hold.

2. Side Plank & Side plank with rotation:

Start with your feet in the stirrups with one foot placed in front of the other. Lying on your side with you right hand on the ground, lift yourself up to form a plank with your right arm straight and your left arm under your side.

3. Plank Knee Tucks:

Get into your plank position. Be sure to keep elbows in line with your shoulders. Start by raising your hips while tucking your knees in toward your chest.

4. Pike:

Place your body in a high plank or push-up position. Place your feet in the stirrups. As you bring your feet towards your chest, simultaneously push your hips into the air. Extend your legs back to the starting position, rest for one second, then repeat.

5. Straight Leg Abdominal Twists:

Lie flat on your back. Hold on to both stirrups. Lift your legs approximately 30 degrees off the ground. Hold them straight out in front of you. Start the movement by twisting your legs from side to side. Keep the core as stable as possible without shifting all over the place.

6. Leg Raises:

Same start position as the straight leg twists. Keep both legs together and lift them up and towards the stirrups. Crunch your stomach muscles. Finish the movement by slowly lowering your legs at approximately 20 degrees off the ground. Repeat for desired reps.

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Kasia Sitarz

Kasia has been in the fitness and health industry for over 10 years, and holds a collection of fitness DVD’s, videos, and published articles on health and wellness, nutrition, strength training, and motivation. Within only a few years, Kasia became a Registered Sports Massage Therapist (RMT), Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS), and president of two successful companies; True Mentality™ Inc. and Body Movement Therapeutics.