6 Tips To Burn Fat You Didn’t Know About

It is time for us to take a look at what goes down to what goes down inside our bodies! It is not just about calories in and calories out! Macros have a metabolic purpose in our bodies! You need to think about what you are eating and when! You need to think about moving more instead of sitting more!

1. These 3 hormones will affect your fat loss so they need to be in balance: insulin, cortisol and glucagon. The hormone game is important in fat loss. Getting these hormones in balance is important for optimum fat loss.

2. If you are constantly eating carbs, this will cause an excess of insulin. Insulin is a fat storing hormone. If there is an excess of fuel either protein or carbs, insulin finds a storage for it. Short term storage is your muscles and liver. Long term storage happens when your muscles and liver are full so it is stored as fat. If you are inactive and eating a lot of carbs, your muscle and liver storage will most likely be full. If you are an athlete and working out at high intensities and have more metabolic active tissue (muscle) your short-term storage will be used up more often. But also keep in mind that excessive amounts in one meal will still cause the same process to happen. You need to find your carb threshold.

3. Studies show a diet high in carbs (sugary) and processed foods can cause an elevation of cortisol. Cortisol is your stress hormone. When in balance it can actually work for you and is necessary to have in your body at times. But when you are in constant elevation of cortisol this can cause metabolic issues. When your insulin and cortisol are high at the same time it equals fat storing! Cortisol is naturally higher in the morning. Avoid eating complex carbs in the morning. Remember high levels of cortisol and insulin will store fat. If you are working out in the morning. You can function very well with a protein and fat breakfast. Cortisol is at its lowest in the evening. Eat some carbs at dinner but high fiber good quality carbs. Amounts will vary depending on the individual. Generally, keep it to a smaller amount. Another reason why your workout in the morning will not be hard to do without carbs at breakfast.

4. Sleep is another huge part of fat loss. Improper sleeping patterns will affect the hormones ghrelin and leptin. When these aren’t in balance it affects hunger and satiety.

5. Adrenaline is great but more is not better! It is that amazing feeling you get when you go for an hour long run or do a kick ass spin class?! That keeps us coming back for more but this doesn’t mean it is doing what we want in the sense of fat burning! By going for along period of time at a high level, you raise cortisol. You want a slight raise for a short period of time which will work in your favor. But if you increase it dramatically for 60 mins, it is hard to decrease quickly. This is why HIIT for short bouts of time is better. The high intensity level raises cortisol briefly then by decreasing the level in a rest period, allows cortisol to not stay elevated.

6. Omega 3’s Omega 3’s Omega 3’s! Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of essential fatty acids from omega 3’s. These fatty acids are incorporated into cell membranes in all tissues of the body. Better quality fats in the cells improves your response to insulin. You want to be insulin sensitive not resistant. Insulin resistance in studies is showing a direct relationship to metabolic syndrome!

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Carmen Shawn

I am currently a Tier 3 personal Trainer for Equinox in Toronto. I also have my own business as an online fitness coach and Lifestyle coach. I decided years ago to share my passion and love for health and fitness via social media. I believe my honesty and passion helps inspire people of all ages and fitness levels become more healthy and more aware!