The Assault Air Bike: A Must Have for 2015

One of the hottest pieces of cardio equipment is slowly reappearing in facilities much to the dislike of users who remember them when they first appeared on the fitness scene in the 70’s. The Assault Air dual action bike is not a new product; it is an improved version than its predecessors and current rivals. It features a heavy duty frame to eliminate side to side movement, a 27 inch steel fan, reinforced pedals and crank with sealed cartridge bearings and an industrial powder coating for durability.

The Assault Air Bike is suitable for any workout enthusiast regardless of their fitness level. Whether they are beginner or advanced, training for fun, or a professional athlete, this bike can be used by anyone. This unit is very easy to put together and the 8 program monitor means the bike is a great tool for any gym, training facility, high school, university, physiotherapy centre and so much more! Jumping on this machine for 5 minutes will prove why this unit is the #1 bike for CrossFit athletes and facilities across the globe. The ability to read out calorie output and perform tabata training are only a few of the key features which set this bike apart from any other.

Owners who have purchased this machine say the Air Bike is a total body workout machine which offers cardiovascular, arm blasting and quad burning elements all into one workout.

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Jeremy Wong

Jeremy Wong is a Commercial Sales Representative at the Treadmill Factory specializing in CrossFit Facilities.