Carmen Shawn

I am currently a Tier 3 personal Trainer for Equinox in Toronto. I also have my own business as an online fitness coach and Lifestyle coach. I decided years ago to share my passion and love for health and fitness via social media. I believe my honesty and passion helps inspire people of all ages and fitness levels become more healthy and more aware!

6 Tips To Burn Fat You Didn’t Know About

It is time for us to take a look at what goes down to what goes down inside our bodies! It is not just about calories in and calories out! Macros have a metabolic purpose in our bodies! You need to think about what you are eating and when! You need to think about moving more instead of sitting more!

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EPOC Your Way to Ultimate Fat Burning

EPOC is a term that has been thrown around a lot. People have been told it’s a good thing but no idea what it actually means! EPOC – excess post exercise oxygen consumption, to put it simply, is your body trying to get back to your pre workout state, homeostasis.

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