nichelle laus

Fitness Model & Competitor, Coach, Athlete, Kickboxer, Mother of 4 Aside from a career as a police officer, Nichelle is also a fitness model, figure and bikini competitor for the Ontario Physique Association, competition prep and transformation coach at, certified personal trainer, kickboxing instructor, a motivational speaker, and a proud mother of 4 young boys. Nichelle is also a fitness expert and article contributor for several fitness magazines. Nichelle trained and competed at an amateur level in both boxing and kick boxing for over 20 years. Health and fitness is her outlet. It’s the one thing that she can do on her own time, which is important with 4 children and a career. It’s also the one thing that truly makes her feel strong, both inside and out. Coming from a dysfunctional and abusive childhood, Nichelle spreads the word to all women and moms that success is possible no matter what you have been through. She teaches women to gain their strength and channel their anger, doubts, and fears properly by using health and fitness as an outlet.

Fight for Fitness

There are so many great benefits to martial arts! This high aerobic sport will get your heart pumping and melt your stress away. Punch, kick and channel your inner fighter! Get out your frustrations and get fit at the same time. Martial arts isn’t about violence, it is about self control, discipline and respect. All great qualities that will help you in all aspects of your life.

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