Victor Paletta

At the young age of 6, Victor jumped head first into the world of martial arts. At the age of 17, he won the National Championship title for the martial arts style TaeKwonDo and become a member of Team Canada. Throughout the years he has achieved two black belts in two different styles. TaeKwonDo – 2nd degree black belt & 1st degree black belt in Wushu (Kung Fu – the style Jet li has been trained in) – and has been trained in other styles such as Muai Thai, Hapkido and Aikido. After retiring from competing, he then switched gears and started to focus more on the path of Fitness Training. He became a fitness trainer & the rest is history. Over the years he has learned many different styles of lifting such as; Crossfit style workouts, Isolation/bodybuilding, Olympic weight lifting, strength & conditioning, High Intensity Interval Training and much more! Jumping forward a few years, he is now someone who shocks people in the gym with his versatility with the lifts he performs and the advice he gives people to help them improve themselves. He is the truest definition of an ‘athlete’ & a hard trainer with the best motivation for his clients. He puts everything he has into the getting the best result possible for his clients and the moment he sees something that should be changed to better his clients, he changes it immediately. His motto of “Achieve the Unachievable” Is something he strongly believes in.

Exercising with the Swiss!

This multiple purpose bar is a tool that every gym should have. With each hand positioning, and how you use the bar, it can focus on different muscles groups. For example in the picture it is showing a curl with hands slightly tilted up, which focuses hugely on your biceps. Another example for how amazing this bar can be is if you use it for a barbell row, it can have a massive effect on your latissimus muscles and other muscles depending on where your hands are placed.

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