Benefits of Ab Roller Work Outs

This simple and inexpensive tool can get you the results you need!

I love the Ab Roller because it is a simple, inexpensive, portable piece of equipment that you can incorporate into any workout.

Here are 4 great benefits:


– Involves multiple muscle groups in one exercise

– Builds overall balance, coordination & confidence

– Strengthens core

– Reduces back pain & weakness


You can increase intensity by simply rolling out further and/or completing the exercise at a slower rate with core constantly engaged. It is great at building overall strength in your core, back, and improving full body stability. 

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Kasia Sitarz

Kasia has been in the fitness and health industry for over 10 years, and holds a collection of fitness DVD’s, videos, and published articles on health and wellness, nutrition, strength training, and motivation. Within only a few years, Kasia became a Registered Sports Massage Therapist (RMT), Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS), and president of two successful companies; True Mentality™ Inc. and Body Movement Therapeutics.