FLAT out Fun

A great piece of exercise equipment for quick foot agility workout is the agility ladder. It is one of my all time favorite training tools. Not only is it FLAT out fun, it is easily transportable and can be used for all ages and levels to improve and increase basic running and movement skills.

While training with the agility ladder I have noticed improvement in my mobility, flexibility and core strength.

Here are a few great drills you can do with the agility ladder:

Sprint several yards after each ladder exercise and jog back to the beginning

5 Reps of each exercise – 1 set

Rest 60 seconds

Repeat x3

Quick Skips

Skip straight ahead as fast as you can


Moving laterally, take two steps in each square and two out as you move

down the ladder.

Lateral Crossover skips

Skip laterally as fast as possible.

Emphasize extremely fast hip. Cross over with each right, then switch

Icky Shuffle

Using 2 feet in, 1 foot out,

Get the rhythm “ in – in – out “, “in – in – out” as you zig zag through the ladder

Right foot steps out only on the right side and left on the left.

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Suzanne Terpstra

Suzanne is a girl on the move who likes to be organized, live healthy and find balance in this “on the go world”. Move + Prove = IMPROVE is her MOTO She encourages men and women of ALL ages to live healthy, live to achieve the unexpected and live to fulfill ones dreams/goals that produce results and enjoyment. Suzanne competed in her first Ontario Physique Association (OPA) Bikini Tall regional show in the spring 0f 2014 where she placed 1st in both her classes. This allowed her to participate in the Ontario Championships in Toronto where she placed top five and became a CFBB National bikini qualifier. Suzanne has been married for 25 years with two beautiful children, ages 19 and 22. Along with her husband, they run a well-established building business in Prince Edward County. Suzanne also volunteers as a Convenor for Ontario Minor Hockey. She loves to help others, give back to the community and spend time with family and friends. Suzanne has a competitive drive whether it is stepping on stage for a fitness show, cycling, weight training, water sports or running.