January: The Month of Sales

When is the last time you really cracked down on implementing a consistent sales training schedule with your team? The reality is, when the day is over and the nightly totals are in, your sales team goes home. Perhaps you are left thinking of improvements you need to make, conversations you need to have, and training you need to implement…. next time.

Consistent sales training with your teams will prove to be your greatest assets. Here are 3 tips to help you stay on top of your training.

1) Schedule: As managers and facility owners there are no shortages of meetings and conversations that you know you need to schedule time for. Sales training meetings with your teams must be a top priority. It is important to separate sales training meetings from your regular weekly or daily meetings as often times these turn into “house-keeping” conversations. Sales training requires dedicated time, roleplaying and feedback. This is one of the single most effective ways of investing time into your team.

2) Nurture your future diamond (S): You just never know who is going to be your next rising star. Some team members are big writers right out of the gates, while others may surprise you a few months in when they find their sales groove. Being patient and emphasizing the importance of learning sales skills rather that relying on employees to just “have it” will create a better sales team all around. Hold yourself or your manager accountable to regular meetings, suggest great sales books, watch a great sales move, its all about getting them jacked up about the process.

3) Organize your thoughts: Calling one of your sales staff into your office and addressing a concern on the spot is often a good idea, yet not most effective. Keep track of all the things you are noticing. When its time to hold a formal sales training sessions, revisit these situations and provide your teams with the appropriate coaching. Give the “problem” a solution with explanation.

This is one of the single most effective ways of investing time into your team. After all, I’m sure you agree…its all about the numbers!

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Stephanie Joanne

Stephanie Joanne is a fitness industry consultant providing an umbrella of branding, marketing and PR services. She has 15 years experience in the industry and has worked in virtually every capacity from General Management to Marketing as well as Media Relations. Find out more about SJ by visiting www.stephaniejoanne.com