KettleBells – A Must Have

As Archaic as they may look, this piece of equipment has proven its worth in the fitness industry. Since being introduced in the 1700’s by Russian strongmen performers, the Kettlebell or Girya has seen its popularity grow immensely. From once being a tool used primarily in strongman training, it has now found its way into the mainstream fitness world, and is hear to stay! Its unique shape (the center of mass is extended beyond the hand), allows for unique swinging movements that can not safely be done with a traditional dumbbell. Numerous recent studies have been done on the effectiveness of adding Kettlebell training to ones regular strength training regimen and have found the following:

  • Improved Balance
  • Increased Aerobic Capacity
  • Increased Core Strength
  • Increased Grip and Hand Strength

The effectiveness of this simple piece of equipment proves it should be a mainstay in any ones fitness regime. At the Treadmill Factory, we have numerous styles and options of Kettlebell’s available to suit any user.

One of the most popular styles of Kettlebells are Competition Kettlebells. We at The Treadmill Factory have just restocked with a NEW design from Xtreme Monkey. Ranging from 8kg to 32kg, they are brightly colour-coded for easy weight identification, and have a new look with the XM logo stamp. Check them out HERE.

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Duncan Nicoll

Commercial Sales Representative at Treadmill Factory