Staying Active During Winter

Many people don’t like cold weather; which usually means sub zero temperatures, snow and ice. Without the option of going down south during the winter or hibernating; people have to live regardless of the weather.

Staying active is especially difficult during the winter months. Unless you are interested in winter sports, many people choose to avoid the cold by staying inside. While being indoors may keep you warmer, it isn’t necessarily good for your health. To make sure that your health isn’t affected by the temperature, below are 4 ways to stay active during the colder weather.

1. Embrace Winter Sports- While everyone may not be interested in winter sports; they are a great way to stay active when it is cold. Skiing, Skating or Snow shoeing are all great examples of activities that capitalize on colder temperatures. For people who are particularly interested in weight loss, snow sports like cross country skiing burn more calories than many warmer temperature sports.

2.Be Creative at Home- Working out at home doesn’t require much space or equipment. Having an open space big enough to move your arms and legs freely is often an adequate workout area. Using a few free weights, fitness bands and body weight exercises are usually the essentials of a good full body workout. Also with so many fitness DVD’s available, people can choose a vast selection of workout programs that fit their fitness needs.

3.Walking- Whether inside or outside, walking is always a good option for staying active during colder weather. While walking outside is a great activity, it is important that people wear the proper attire to stay warm and safe. Proper footwear for walking outside is essential because it makes it easier to navigate on snow and ice. Walking inside is a more preferred option, many malls open up before shopping hours to allow people to stay warm and active. Seniors in particular have found mall walking as a way to stay active but not have to worry about slipping or falling.

4. Climb the Stairs- When done at home or in an office building, walking stairs can be a quick and effective workout. Using stairs not only provides added resistance to traditional walking but can also be incorporated in daily commuting. For those who are interested in weight loss, stair climbing burns more calories and increases the likelihood of weight loss.

Even when the temperatures are cold, if we are serious about staying active there are many options for us to choose from. If none of the above tickle your fancy and you would rather hibernate during winter, just think it will be spring soon enough.

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Eric Daw

Eric Daw is an active aging specialist and the owner of Omni Fitt. Omni Fitt is dedicated to the wellbeing, health and quality of life of people aged 65 and over. Eric motivates and empowers the older adult population to take responsibility for their independence, health and fitness through motivating and positive coaching experiences.