The Top 3 Ways to Get Fit with Rings

Have you ever wondered exactly how to add rings into your workout? Here are 3 great ways to get fit with rings!

Adding ring work to any current program is a great way to maximize posterior chain large muscle, and more so, small muscle group involvement.

1) Similar to bar work, you can utilize the rings for pull ups: dead-weight vertical (strict or kipping) pull-ups, or modified with having your feet out ahead of you and pulling in a more angular row position.

2) They can be used as a hanging grip for abdominal work: knee tucks or leg raises, or wipers really target the core; and since you’re hanging by each arm independently you use more intercostals, and erector muscles to keep in place.

3) Rings can be used for tricep and bicep work: with the feet on the ground, and using body weight you can perform bicep curls from different arm angles; with the body supported in the wrists, elevated (or modified with the feet down) you can perform dips on the rings – again due to the suspension and unstable nature of the rings apparatus, you get a lot of core activation even with these seemingly arm-isolation moves.

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Mia Nikolajev

Mia Nikolajev has been an athlete for over two decades, and a personal trainer/coach for nearly ten years. Aside from holding BSc in Kines and Psych-Sociology (honors), Mia implements the knowledge gained through many years involved in Competitive Athletics (Many sports, but Primarily Swimming, Soccer, Cycling), her vast knowledge of sports and their required skill elements help her in her daily work as a Strength & Conditioning Trainer/Coach, and fitness and nutritional advisor. An ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and NCCP Level 1 Swimming Coach (Technique/Speed) as well as a Schwinn and Madd Dogg Spinning Instructor, and CSEP Fitness and Lifestyle Assessment Advisor, with Pre-Natal and Post-Partum exercise design certification. Current CPR AED + First Aid. Mia’s services and areas of expertise >> Personal training – weight loss, strength gain Bootcamp / Group Fitness Classes Spinning (Indoor cycling) – fitness classes; Triathlon prep Strength and conditioning – general; sport specific; post-physio rehabilitation Functional Training – TRX, Kettlebells, Ropes Mobility and flexibility – elderly clients & rehabilitation programs Natal Exercise – pre & post. Swimming – learn to swim; coaching (stroke correction & speed/power); Triathlon prep Plyometrics / HIIT circuit training – extreme event prep (e.g Spartan races) Self-defense & basic fight mechanics – boxing/ kickboxing Nutritional advising and meal plan design – Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness assessment & advice Program design for online clients + weekly check-ins; Video demos