How to use Instagram to promote your business!

Over 2 Million users on instagram are indicative of a platform that is growing exponentially.

Virtually every business is onboard the Instagram bandwagon however only a few are using it to its full potential.

Instagram can not only increase your brand visibility but it can also serve as a conduit for your current clientele to network and feel a part of something, which can have incredible impact on your customers’ retention.

Here is how best to use Instagram for your fitness business:

1) Profile

As a business your profile image should be your business logo and the information in the bio should state clearly what you do and where you are located. It should also have your phone number and website.

2) Content

The purpose is to promote your business and showcase the energy your business offers to potential prospects. Followers will visit you Inatagram for one of two reasons.
Firstly they visit to be entertained and secondly they visit to be informed, so do both. Provide an equal amount of free content relevant to your business which keeps them coming back for more. Also include your calls to action and promotion, but this should not exceed the amount of free value added entertainment.

3 ) Use Hashtags

At the treadmill factory we are using the hashtag #notjusttreadmills but we understand that larger audiences are not likely typing in this specific hashtag when they are searching for fitness advice or tips.
This hashtag would be an example of brand building on the treadmill factory’s behalf. When you are looking to engage with your ideal clientele, use hashtags with your post which your ideal clientele likes to use and searches for. An example from the fitness industry would be #weightloss #fitnessmotovation etc.

4) Calls to Action

It is not likely that you will see your engagement improve unless you specifically ask your following to do so. Always leave each post with a question or a call to action. Examples could be “tell us what your favourite post workout meal is by commenting below” or “click the link in our bio for you free 3 day pass” etc…

So on that note, comment below and let us know what your company’s Instagram handle (username) is and please do find us on @tf_canada using the hashtag #notjusttreadmills

See you on Instagram!

Stephanie Joanne,
Treadmill Factory Athlete

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Stephanie Joanne

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