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Latest Chin Up Bar Reviews from our Canadian Customers

  1. Good product overall. Review by Justin
    Overall Rating

    I picked this up from treadmill factory a few days ago.

    The product itself is decent. It's strong, and it's sturdy. I have two (admittedly small) complaints.

    First, there are no instructions. It's moderately intuitive, but a little more information with it would have been helpful.

    Second, the weld between the uprights and the bar itself should've been ground a little better before powder coating. As a guy with pretty wide shoulders, when I attempt to grab it slightly wider than shoulder width, my hands are right up against the upright bars (which is fine as far as the knurling goes), but there's little bits of weld spatter there which hurts the hands, so I'm forced to move my hands inward a little.

    With those things in mind, based on price point and overall quality, I would buy this again. (Posted on 2015-10-21)

  2. Satisfait! Review by Etienne
    Overall Rating

    Bon produit, bon prix, livraison rapide (Posted on 2015-10-17)

  3. Bent out of the box Review by mark
    Overall Rating

    The two side pieces were bent to a different angle, so it could not be a straight unit, and thus could not hang on a door.

    The nice guys at treadmillfactory sent me a new on (for free), and even though it had bent parts too, I could assemble a good unit out of the two kits.

    Works fine!! (Posted on 2015-10-09)

  4. Amazing Bar Review by Curtis
    Overall Rating

    This is the best value on the internet. It is designed to hit studs so it works perfect in my garage! I was surprised at how sturdy it is even when doing kipping or muscle ups.

    Definitely would recommend for anyone looking for a quality bar! (Posted on 2015-08-27)

  5. Reasonable for price Review by Robert
    Overall Rating

    Weak point is where the long bar joins together. One screw stripped, but was an easy fix. A little loose there too, but a little electrical tape will fix that up. Breaks down good for travel. Fits in tight frames where p90x style did not. (Posted on 2015-07-27)

Doorway, ceiling and wall mounted chin up bars are available as well as stand alone stations - Xtreme monkey, Strength Armour, Torque products and more.