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Lifting Accessories

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Latest Lifting Accessory Reviews from our Canadian Customers

  1. Xtreme Monkey Kettlebell Wrist Guards – Review by M

    Overall Rating

    A hint on the snug side but great wrist protection with their plastic inserts. No more kettlebell-bruised wrists!
    (Posted on 2017-03-08)

  2. Good quality – Review by Kim Joly Patry

    Overall Rating

    Very useful to lift heavier weight. Good quality and great price. Very resistant fabric. Happy with my order. I recommend these straps.
    (Posted on 2016-05-31)

  3. Gym chalk – Review by Mike

    Overall Rating

    Very good product at a good price
    (Posted on 2016-05-25)

  4. great dip belt – Review by Eric

    Overall Rating

    comfortable and strong, helps get the job done right
    (Posted on 2016-05-17)

  5. Xtreme Monkey Kellebell Wrist Guard – Review by John L.

    Overall Rating

    A little too tight fiting. Hopefully will improve with use.
    (Posted on 2015-10-21)

Weight Lifting Accessories

Lifting weights is a favorite for some. To develop strength and condition the body, bodyweight exercises are the key. While weights and bars are of course necessary, it is equally important to make sure you have the correct lifting gear and accessories for a successful workout. These include but are not limited to: lifting gloves, lifting straps and lifting belts.

The Treadmill Factory carries top brands when it comes to Lifting Gloves such as Harbinger, Fight Monkey and Xtreme Monkey. Premium quality leather and stitching separate our gloves from the competition and we strive to offer only the best! Padded palms allow for a more comfortable workout as it will protect your hand and help maintain a strong grip on the bar. The use of gloves while lifting reduces soreness, blisters and calluses. While wearing lifting gloves is not mandatory, it sure is helpful and will make for a better workout!

We also carry lifting hooks and straps which, just like our gloves, are constructed with heavy duty materials and reinforced cross stitching for durability and longevity. You can easily improve your grip because of the extra length and width of the straps. Our straps and hooks can be used with all types of bars and are designed to help you when your hands and fingers need that extra push and assistance to grip or lift.

Lifting Belts

Lastly, lifting belts can come in handy for those looking to increase the effectiveness of their dips, chin ups and lunges. We carry both nylon as well as leather lifting belts so customers can select the one they prefer. Our nylon belts feature padding and all of our belts are designed to provide comfort as well as a secure fit for the user. Chains are placed at the front of the belts and can be easily adjusted for easy loading of the weights. Lifting belts allow you to take your workout to the next level by adding resistance beyond your own body weight. If you’re looking for a new challenge this could be it!

Step into any one of our store locations in Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie or London to see our selection of lifting accessories or check out our variety of items online where you can order any piece of fitness equipment or accessory and have it delivered right to your door anywhere in Canada!