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Latest Lifting Bar Reviews from our Canadian Customers

  1. 5' Bar – Review by Roy

    Great bar to use in addition to a regular bar. Save time swapping weights from bar to bar. Handy in a smaller space.
    (Posted on 2017-01-03)

  2. 2nd to my Olympic Barbell – Review by Brenda

    Overall Rating

    This is yet another little treasure I discovered during one of my workout DVDs. I sill do not know why they created a Swiss Bar but it does come in handy. One, it fits the Olympic plates, two, lighter than the Olympic Bar, three, more diverse workouts with this Swiss Bar.
    (Posted on 2016-12-18)

  3. Neck Saver – Review by Brenda

    Overall Rating

    I didn't even know such an item existed. Came across it in one of my workout dvds and Treadmill Factory carries this item. Very happy. This will wrap around my Olympic Barbell. Cushions the neck when the bar is "resting". Very happy with this item
    (Posted on 2016-12-18)

  4. Barbell Pad – Review by Rob

    I am very satisfied with the barbell pad. I am a novice at weighted squats and it is nice to have the padding while I work on strength and form
    (Posted on 2016-11-11)

  5. Great bar – Review by Nick

    Overall Rating

    Very pleased. Bar is very sturdy, finished well and handles weight very well. Wish it had a little more grip on the handle as it's pretty slick but it's not to bad.
    (Posted on 2016-07-17)

Weight Lifting Bars

Lifting bars are essential to anyone and any gym, whether commercial or residential, looking to enhance and improve in the field of body building. Lifting weights - a very popular form of exercise - can seem simple and basic, but there are actually many variations and sizes when it comes to the lifting bars as fitness enthusiasts have different preferences. For these reasons, The Treadmill Factory carries one of the largest selections of lifting bars in today’s fitness market to satisfy everyone’s needs. We carry standard lifting bars, Olympic lifting bars, collars, accessories and storage options!

Standard and Olympic Bars

Our standard bars are suitable for 1” plates and we carry both the regular bars as well as the curl bars. Our Olympic bars are suitable for 2” plates and are also available in the regular or curl versions. Tricep bars, Swiss bars, Hex bars and safety squat bars are also available. All of our lifting bars are durable and built to support hundreds of pounds of weight. Some of our bars can hold upwards of a thousand pounds! A unique feature that we have is that some of our lifting bars themselves are available in different weights. For example, we have a women’s lifting bar that weighs 35lbs and can handle a weight capacity of 1200lbs and a men’s lifting bar that weighs 45lbs and can support a weight capacity of 2000lbs. Don’t let the names of the bars fool you – our products are for anyone wishing to use them as long as they are doing the exercises correctly and safely!

Lifting Bar Collars and Adapters

If you require an additional component to add to your bar, we have that too! Accessories such as collars and pads are important and we carry the top brands of accessories such as Fat Gripz and Lock Jaw collars to name a few. Adapter sleeves, lifting chains and barbell pads are also always in stock to help with your lifting exercises!

Lastly, for those that like to have variety in their home gym or commercial gym we have storage options for anyone with more than one lifting bar. The last thing you want is for bars to be all over the floor and getting in the way so our bar holders and racks are ideal! Different storage units are available to help your workout space look clean and professional. We carry different bar holders which can hold either five or ten bars depending on which option you select. We also have wall racks that make any space look organized and allows you to have all the bars on display while also preventing them from being compromised or damaged.

Don’t wait any longer - if you want to start on strength training then come and visit us to see our impressive lineup of lifting bars! All of our stores located in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Barrie and London carry these products as does our online catalogue where you can shop and have any of the items delivered right to your door!