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Lower Body Legs

Lower Body Legs

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Latest Lower Body Legs Product Reviews

  1. Xtreme Monkey stand. Review by Bo william
    Overall Rating

    Great. sturdy, functional, and very well priced. I'm very happy with this product. (Posted on 2016-01-20)

  2. Great for small spaces Review by L.P.
    Overall Rating

    Perfect size for my apartment, easy to move out of the way. Sturdy build, easy to assemble, good so far will see how they hold up at higher weights. Great price. UPS is a crap shipper and left my packages sitting out overnight in the wet snow, didn't bother to knock on my door and let me know it was being delivered even though I was home all day. Luckily nothing was stolen or damaged. (Posted on 2015-12-27)

  3. Excellent build quality and value Review by Tom P
    Overall Rating

    I was shopping for a Precor 240i stretch trainer like I use at the gym when I discovered this unit.
    I was somewhat apprehensive since it was less than half the price of the Precor however I am very pleased with it.
    It came well packaged with good instructions and the quality and fit of all parts was great. It is well built and heavy duty. Next to it the Precor looks light, cheap and made in a muffler shop. Kinda wonder why the expense. (Posted on 2015-12-24)

  4. Great Service & Great Equippment Review by Hazel C.
    Overall Rating

    - Got the package delivered very quickly within 2 days.
    - Easy to assemble
    - very sturdy
    - excellent safety features
    - looks good (visually appealing)
    - great cost, even greater product

    Its a great addition to our basement gym, hubby and I both love it!
    Make sure not to pass on this deal and get your body right! :)

    (Posted on 2015-12-18)

  5. Xtreme Monkey Deluxe Squat Stands Review by K-money
    Overall Rating

    I like the stands
    worth the pay
    shipping took 4 days (Posted on 2015-12-15)

Strong Lower Body

Too many people that get into weight lifting neglect their lower body. Guys, especially, you know you are guilty of this. But lower body strength is super important for an overall balanced physique. Not to mention, you need your lower body to be strong for sports, and just your day to day routine. Exercises for your legs are great for your entire body, because your legs are comprised of large muscle groups, so working them gets blood circulating pretty effectively.

Strength from The Treadmill Factory

At The Treadmill Factory, we have your lower body exercise machines covered. Squat Machines and Leg Press Machines allow you to work your entire leg with compound movements. Leg Curl / Leg Extension machines isolate your Quads or Hamstrings, to give you explosive strength. And of course, you can't forget about your calves. Calf Raise machines allow you to isolate your calves which will give you that great balance.