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Lower Body Legs

Lower Body Legs

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Latest Lower Body Legs Product Reviews

  1. Great machine. Worth the price Review by Adrian Nyland
    Overall Rating

    Great machine. One piece of metal cam slightly bent. One of the pieces that holds up the butt pads. We ended up using some shims to keep everything level and strong. I would prefer to have a post to stack some weights on the machine near the back. I am quite tall (6'3") and when I get going on it, it does move a bit. I am not worried about it flipping, but it would add some piece of mind. Lastly, it would be great if it had little wheels like many other models have to make it easier to move around.
    All in all I love the machine. There are a lot of options out there and this was by far the best bang for the buck. I don't regret buying it and have recommended to it a lot of other people. If I ever needed a second one, I would buy another one.
    If I had no set budget for one, I would probably buy the Rogue Fitness GHD, but there is no way it is worth another $300-$400 more.. no way. Thanks Treadmill Factory! We will be buying a lot more equipment from you. This whole experience has been great. Customer service was great, price was spot on and product is high quality. (Posted on 2015-11-12)

  2. Excellent squat stands Review by Phil D.
    Overall Rating

    For the price, I wasn't expecting such a high-quality product -- very satisfying. The stands are very sturdy. (And I received them the next day after ordering.) (Posted on 2015-09-24)

  3. Perfect for my studio apartment.... Review by Taras
    Overall Rating

    Fast (free) delivery...
    Easy assembly...
    Requires heavy plates on base for stability...
    Remains to be seen how stable they will be as the weights increase for squats...so far...so good...
    I like that they can be rolled into a corner or into the closet... (Posted on 2015-09-23)

  4. Quick delivery, easy assembly, great positioning options for any type of press: close grip, wide grip or other Review by M
    Overall Rating

    Extremely prompt delivery, easy to assemble, and sturdy. Unlike standard bench press sets, because these posts are not fixed in any one location, you can set their distance such that there is no issue in terms of hand placement for either close-grip, regular width, or wide-grip barbell presses. Another benefit compared to most bench press sets, the adjustable height allows for easy and safe positioning for decline, regular, or incline bench presses. (Posted on 2015-09-15)

  5. Very good deal for a small apartment.... Review by Taras Masciuch
    Overall Rating

    They work well in my small apartment...roll or carry them into the closet out of the way....

    I'm still at lighter weights so it remains to be seen how secure I feel later on as regards stability....

    And...I place 25 lb weights on the bases...they just lay on top of the base...it would be better if they had dedicated mounts for stabilizing the base....

    Excellent deal with the free shipping from Ontario....and Canadian dollars.... (Posted on 2015-09-15)

Strong Lower Body

Too many people that get into weight lifting neglect their lower body. Guys, especially, you know you are guilty of this. But lower body strength is super important for an overall balanced physique. Not to mention, you need your lower body to be strong for sports, and just your day to day routine. Exercises for your legs are great for your entire body, because your legs are comprised of large muscle groups, so working them gets blood circulating pretty effectively.

Strength from The Treadmill Factory

At The Treadmill Factory, we have your lower body exercise machines covered. Squat Machines and Leg Press Machines allow you to work your entire leg with compound movements. Leg Curl / Leg Extension machines isolate your Quads or Hamstrings, to give you explosive strength. And of course, you can't forget about your calves. Calf Raise machines allow you to isolate your calves which will give you that great balance.