Perfect Pushup Canada

    Perfect Pullup Canada

The Perfect Pushup's rotating handles allow your arms to rotate naturally the same way they do when you throw a punch or press up a dumbbell.  This unique feature engages more muscles and helps reduce joint strain. Works for any fitness level – from beginner through professional athlete. 

Your Perfect Pushup kit includes:

  • 2 patent-pending pushup handles
  • Instructional DVD
  • Instructional Poster

The Perfect Pushup was developed by a US Navy SEAL using the latest in biomechanics and engineering to help you achieve better results from your pushup workouts. Smooth rotating handles accelerate results by engaging more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back. It also helps reduce strain on wrists and elbows, and helps to stabilize and strengthen the shoulder joint. 

You will notice the comfort and effectiveness of the Perfect Pushup on the very first try! The Perfect Pushup units have comfortable rubberized grips, stable 8" bases with rubber bottoms, and smooth, long lasting steel ball bearing rotational systems. Get Ripped!


Complete Upper Body Work out
Get the Perfect Pullup!

Unique Rotating Handles
•    Engages more muscles
•    Reduces Joint Strain

Adjustable Swing Arms

•    3 Exercise Positions
•    US Navy SEAL Inspired Workouts
•    Makes Pullups Easy for Beginners

•    1 Adjustable Pullup Bar
•    2 Swing Arms
•    2 Unique Rotating Handles
•    21 Day Workout Chart

Complete Upper Body Machine
Get more from your workouts without having to leave the house.
Adjustable swing arms add new exercises like Australian Pullups and Standing Rows never before possible from a single pullup bar.
•    Fits any door frame from 27" - 36" wide
•    Easy installation in all standard door frames
•    Easily removed from door frame
•    Door can be closed while product is installed
•    Handles and bar can support user weights up to 300 lbs*

*The Perfect Pullup bar and handles support 300 lb users when installed in accordance with our instruction guide. The maximum weight supported will be lower if the door frame is in poor condition or of substandard construction or materials.








NEW – Perfect Counter

Introducing the first fitness accessory designed to maximize your pushup workout by tracking reps and time, and guiding proper form.

The timer feature can be set for up to 99 minutes to record ongoing pushup success over the course of the day and can be adjusted for specific time intervals such as the SEAL two-minute pushup test. The product’s innovative design includes a flexible base and a foam cushion top, providing a safe landing pad in case the user’s arms give way during the workout. For the novice user, pushups can be made easier by placing the Perfect Counter atop a stack of books or other level platform.

The Perfect Counter concept was developed during one of the Navy SEAL pushup tests that Founder Alden Mills endured every six months during his SEAL career. Each SEAL had to perform a two-minute pushup test while his swim buddy extended a fist under the SEAL’s chest and called out the rep count; meanwhile, another SEAL shouted out time intervals.  

Maximize Your Pushup Workouts      
•    Track Your Reps and Time
•    Helps Guide Proper Form
•    Ensures Full Muscle Engagement
•    Includes SEAL Inspired Workouts

Counter Details:
•    Counts up to 999 Reps
•    Audible Rep Feedback
•    Timer can be set from 10 Seconds – 99 minutes
•    Height 5"
•    Foam Cushion Top, Flexible Rubber Base








Quick connect a pair of Heavy Duty Performance Series Ab Straps to your Perfect Pullup bar for ab defining workouts the way the Pros do it.

Experienced professionals use Ab Straps to perform off-the-floor crunches and leg lifts. Now you can get the same great results with our Heavy Duty Performance Series  Ab Straps and your Perfect Pullup.

Perfect Ab Straps are sturdy, comfortable and designed for years of performance. Made with thick padded lining, high-end fabrics, heavy nylon straps, and mountaineering-grade steel carabineer.

Includes: 2 Heavy Duty Performance Series Ab Straps



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