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Latest Aerobic Steps Reviews from our Canadian Customers


  1. Fast Delivery – Review by Mary Muller

    Overall Rating

    Just what I was looking for! Delivery was so fast! Nice to shop on-line and find what you are looking for!

    Thanks so much!
    (Posted on 2018-12-31)

  2. True product description – Review by Allayne

    Overall Rating

    This product is just like the steppers in the gym. Balanced with good grips on the step and risers for a solid foundation. Great tool to help learn the moves to be a new fitness class instructor. Thanks.
    (Posted on 2017-07-03)

  3. Treadmill Aerobic stepper – Review by Aline Paquette

    Overall Rating

    I love my stepper, it is great. No complaint about it. Long and large enough, much better than my old one, I feel more safe stepping on it.
    (Posted on 2017-06-23)

  4. Great price! – Review by Kelly

    Overall Rating

    Needed a couple risers, but at this great price, got a couple more! Fast delivery and great product.
    (Posted on 2017-03-07)

  5. Stepper – Review by Carole Prodan

    Overall Rating

    I am pleased with the stepper. I now wish I had ordered more of the risers, my trainer has already put three on each side. I may never catch up at home.
    Were more risers an option.
    (Posted on 2016-06-02)

Aerobic Steps

Aerobic steppers are a fun and inexpensive tool to workout with and they are unique because the user is the one who gets to decide the intensity of their routine as well as the amount of calories they would like to burn. For this reason, step aerobics is suitable for anyone of any fitness level, regardless if you are a beginner or advanced.

Aerobic step exercises vary in terms of the speed of the movements being performed, the height of the step and the length of the workout routine. These factors will essentially determine the amount of calories you burn and it’s completely up to the user to decide the speed of their workout. You can easily start off slow and over time incorporate movements that are more challenging.

Benefits of Aerobic Step Training

Additionally, there are so many benefits to aerobic step training. These include endurance training which helps maintain the health of your cardiovascular system, improvement of balance as well as flexibility training which helps with joint movement. From the feedback we receive regarding this fitness product, we are constantly told that aerobic step training is very fun and enjoyable and many people use it to release stress and workout at the same time!

Our aerobic step is both durable and sturdy. The secure, non slip plastic surface improves safety, and the height can be adjusted. Lastly, this item does not take up a lot of space so it’s a great tool to have within your home and can be placed in any room. Come and check it out in person and try out our stepper at any one of our Ontario showrooms or order one online today!