5 Ways to Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolutions Succeed!

Yes, it is that time of year again where we all make New Year’s resolutions that last a month or two or rather a few weeks. Why do they always fail? Are you unmotivated? Let’s see if we can set some new parameters to make them work out this year!

Here are a few ways to keep your health and fitness goals this new year!

  • Be Positive! If you set a goal to lose weight or to quit smoking, those are negative and non motivating goals and you will probably drag your feet to try to reach them. Rather try a goal that is in a positive tone such as “I want to live a healthier life this year”.
  • Set a timeline for your goal. If you have a goal you want to achieve, set a date that you want to accomplish that goal. This way you are working towards something definitive. You might need to set smaller goals and shorter timelines in order to reach your long term goal.
  • Be Specific about your goal. Really describe in detail what your goal is so it is not so vague. What do you need to do and how are you going to get your goal done? Also, prioritize what needs to happen first!
  • Be Realistic! Is your goal something that can be achieved in the time frame you have given yourself? If you want to lose 20 lbs in two weeks…is that really achievable? Be fair to yourself and give yourself a break!
  • Reward yourself! Yes!! If you achieve your goal what is your reward! Go to the movies, buy yourself new shoes, new fitness equipment? 😉


A sample goal would be “I want to live a healthier life by exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes so I can fit into those new pants I love by March 31, 2016!”

We would love to hear your goals this year! Give @TF_Canada a shout out and share with us!

Tanya West Bsc.



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Tanya West

Tanya is a fitness model and bikini fitness competitor who is passionate about holistic nutrition. Her holistic background began years ago after battling lymphoma herself and losing her mother to breast cancer as well as her father to heart failure. She realized life was way too short and her lifestyle needed to change. She now has her Certificate in Holistic Nutrition, is a Registered Nutritional Product Advisor and is now completing a Nutritional Consultant Diploma. Tanya has used her business background to launch tanyawest.ca which offers business support services for health & fitness professionals. She has also continued to diligently pursue exceptional fitness goals. In 2014 she placed 1st in bikini masters and 1st in bikini elite with the UFE (Ultimate Fitness Events) earning her UFE pro status. Tanya writes for Natural Bikini Magazine sharing a fitspirational story each month about a natural competitor who has an inspiring story to share.