The Deadlift

When it comes down to training hard and getting the most gains out of your workout, it starts with learning proper form.

When I first learned how to deadlift I was trained using a weighted bar. A lot of people jump to slamming down some serious weight but this can quickly lead to a serious injury if you haven’t mastered your form yet. A weighted bar comes in a variety of lbs and they are easy to use and great for learning proper technique. I would suggest getting a personal trainer to show you how to do a deadlift properly and then practice starting with a light bar and work your way up.

Here are just a few things you need to consider when performing a deadlift:

– Position of the bar

– Position of the back

– Shoulder position

– Breathing

– Grip

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Tanya West

Tanya is a fitness model and bikini fitness competitor who is passionate about holistic nutrition. Her holistic background began years ago after battling lymphoma herself and losing her mother to breast cancer as well as her father to heart failure. She realized life was way too short and her lifestyle needed to change. She now has her Certificate in Holistic Nutrition, is a Registered Nutritional Product Advisor and is now completing a Nutritional Consultant Diploma. Tanya has used her business background to launch which offers business support services for health & fitness professionals. She has also continued to diligently pursue exceptional fitness goals. In 2014 she placed 1st in bikini masters and 1st in bikini elite with the UFE (Ultimate Fitness Events) earning her UFE pro status. Tanya writes for Natural Bikini Magazine sharing a fitspirational story each month about a natural competitor who has an inspiring story to share.