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Latest Lower Body Legs Product Reviews

  1. Best calf block – Review by Ralf

    Overall Rating

    This is my second order, the calf block is of high quality and great for growing calves. I've been using this block for 2 months, and every time I can feel the pain and the stretch in my calves. It makes a big difference, it's not wobbly and the black tape is fixed well to the block preventing any slip during the exercise. In order to balance myself during the exercise I put the block under a door pull up bar or by catching a bar placed on a rack. To increase resistence I am using a weighted dip belt or doing the exercise with one leg. Overall it's a great product at a good price.
    (Posted on 2018-10-19)

  2. Glute Ham Bench – Review by Ronald

    Good machine and padding is solid. Verry happy!
    (Posted on 2018-10-16)

  3. Seated calf raise – Review by Ronald

    Overall Rating

    I was looking for a wile for a cailf machine, I am happy that I chose this machine. It's solid , gym quality.
    (Posted on 2018-10-16)

  4. Very Satisfied – Review by Keith

    Overall Rating

    Stands were exactly as advertised. Great for apt. I made one assembly "slip-up" when installing bar equipped with wheels - bar is flush with floor when installed properly, but if the bar is installed improperly (as I did at first) the wheels protrude below. Easy fix - just flip bar end for end. Delivery was "next day." Very pleased.
    (Posted on 2018-06-12)

  5. Solid Bench – Review by Ryan

    Overall Rating

    I have been looking for a hip thrust bench for a while and most on the market exceed $500, and many require additional shipping costs. At $300 I still think this is overpriced but it is hands down the most cost efficient version available to Canadian customers.

    The bench itself is well constructed. The height of the bench is ideal and the size of the foot plate is ideal. It is easy to maneuver around. I can easily store this against the wall when not in use. The finish leaves something to be desired as quality powder coating wasn't used. As a result a rust-like substance needed to be swept up after I finished putting it together.

    As with other hip thrust benches, if you use a barbell you will likely need to use something to stack the plates on in order to get the bar into the start position. If you have big legs, spend some time getting used to this as it can be awkward to start.

    This is a good buy and I would recommend it.
    (Posted on 2017-09-08)

Strong Lower Body

Too many people that get into weight lifting neglect their lower body. Guys, especially, you know you are guilty of this. But lower body strength is super important for an overall balanced physique. Not to mention, you need your lower body to be strong for sports, and just your day to day routine. Exercises for your legs are great for your entire body, because your legs are comprised of large muscle groups, so working them gets blood circulating pretty effectively.

The Treadmill Factory has a Strength Machine specifically designed to suit your needs. 

Strength from The Treadmill Factory

At The Treadmill Factory, we have your lower body exercise machines covered. Squat Machines and Leg Press Machines allow you to work your entire leg with compound movements. Leg Curl / Leg Extension machines isolate your Quads or Hamstrings, to give you explosive strength. And of course, you can't forget about your calves. Calf Raise machines allow you to isolate your calves which will give you that great balance.