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Latest Massage / Recovery Product Reviews

  1. Dr. Cohen's Heatable Accuback Kit – Review by Sue Hoople

    Overall Rating

    The Accuback works just as advertised. It helps me keep my posture and relives the lower back pain that I constantly experience. I have yet to try warming it. The Treadmill Factory was also great to deal with -- very professional and I received my order the next day! Great service.
    (Posted on 2017-02-03)

  2. The Stick – Review by Shirley

    Overall Rating

    I was introduced to "The Travel Stick" by a kinesiologist who uses two different ones at his clinic.
    After using it for very sore leg and back muscles, I immediately ordered one for myself and one for
    a friend who also has a lot of pain. It fits in a suitcase so I'll be taking it on a trip this week.
    The service was excellent and it was delivered to me within two days. I highly recommend it to
    every one who has pain.
    (Posted on 2016-11-15)

  3. Simple and Effective – Review by Harris G.

    Overall Rating

    A simple and very effective product. cheap price, so i just added one on with my order.

    Shipping was really fast, 2 days and i had my stuff. Thanks guys!
    (Posted on 2016-04-22)

  4. worth the money – Review by Kimmy N.

    Overall Rating

    I've loved this product since it came out, but the problem is that it is a lot more expensive than say, a lacrosse ball, or other massage balls.

    Yet I still think that it's worth the money, because it's amazing at targeting specific trigger points and getting pretty agressive with the knobs.

    The treadmill factory had it for agreat price, so i bought a couple more to give out to people at the gym, they love them too!

    Definitely recommend.
    (Posted on 2016-04-22)

  5. comfortable and well made – Review by domenic

    Overall Rating

    I have been using this for about 6 weeks now. Rolls well, comfortably and covers sufficient range. I can even roll it on my lower back myself. It has some flexibility as you do end up rolling a bit to hard at times when rolling out your hamstrings so that give/flexibility is great for that or else one might easily break it.
    (Posted on 2015-05-14)

Massage Tools

While exercise is very important, it is equally important to make sure you are taking care of your muscles to ensure a comfortable workout which will allow you to exercise more often and for longer periods of time.
That is why The Treadmill Factory carries a wide selection of massage products to ensure our customers have the proper tools to warm up, cool down, alleviate pain, prevent injury and allow you to perform at your maximum potential! The massage products we carry include massage balls, massage sticks and massage rollers. All of these tools stimulate sore, tight and tired muscles. If you work out a lot and are often left with a sore and tired body, our massage balls can help! They are very easy to use and all that is required is to move to ball back and forth on desired muscles for a stimulating effect. This will help de-activate trigger points and provide myofascial release and scar tissue breakdown. It will also help fix muscle imbalances and increase blood flow while also increasing the range of motion and mobility before and after exercise. In addition to the fact that these balls are fast and easy to use, you can also use them anywhere!

Our portable mini massage roller is also easy to carry and the perfect tool to throw in your gym bag or take with you when you are on the go! This is a great tool to use on your hands, feet, arms and calves and also your neck, shoulders and torso. This tool is great to use both before and after exercise and helps relieve tight muscles.
Our massage sticks are perfect for rolling out muscular knots, muscle spasms and trigger points. Their unique texture allows you to get a deep massage which is why they are ideal for athletes, rehabilitation or anyone suffering from muscle knots. If used after a workout, it will reduce soreness and help speed the recovery process. If used before a workout, it will improve flexibility and help prevent injuries. This one small tool has so many benefits and helps locate and eliminate muscle pain, soreness, stiffness and trigger points. Furthermore, it helps increase blood flow, promotes healing and improves tissue alignment, elasticity and flexibility.
There are so many benefits that these massage tools provide and a few minutes is all you need for a healthier and pain free body. Why see a masseuse when you can have these self massaging tools that will save you both time and money! To see our full selection of massage tools, visit our website anytime or check us out online where you can order directly on our website and have any item shipped directly to your door, anywhere in Canada!