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Latest Sandbag Reviews from our Canadian Customers

  1. Pretty good bag – Review by Jorge

    Overall Rating

    Pretty good so far, I’m happy with it and I like that it has a ton of ways to grab the bag.
    (Posted on 2018-10-16)

  2. Great sandbag – Review by Mondo

    Overall Rating

    Exactly what I was looking for, great price, quick delivery. I use it for complexes.
    (Posted on 2014-11-01)

  3. Does what it needs to – Review by Katie B.

    Overall Rating

    This sandbag provided exactly what I wanted. It appears to be well built, has great handle placement, and doesn't cost a fortune like most. The filler bags also seem well made. I am very satisified with this purchase and would recommend it.
    (Posted on 2013-11-29)

  4. Great buy – Review by Maggie

    Overall Rating

    Love the sandbag and very reasonable price highly recommended !!
    (Posted on 2013-07-17)

  5. Good Sandgbag Setup – Review by Ryan

    Overall Rating

    I've been using my sandbag setup for about a year now. So far it's been a great addition to my training. The exterior bag is well constructed with thick, reinforced stitching. The handles show no signs of wear or coming apart.

    The only point of compromise with this product may be in the interior bladders. Though they are well reinforced and stitched well, they do have a tendency to leak if you fill them with sand. I've found that filling doubled up sandwich bags, and putting them inside the bladders, to be the most effective method for using actual sand. There is also the option for using wood or rubber chips. Since the bladders can be removed from the sandbag itself, and used for other exercises, this is an important thing to consider.

    (Posted on 2013-07-08)


If you are looking to build more muscle and want to increase your strength, then sandbags are the tool for you! Available in different sizes, styles and weight increments, sandbags are both effective and affordable. They are great for both indoor and outdoor training and will provide the user with a total body workout!

In some cases, the sand in the bag will shift or move around challenging the user to learn to stabilize themselves during their workout routine resulting in an intense full body workout. Sandbag training is demanding and every muscle will feel the burn. It will also allow you to develop the skill to control the sandbag while completing your workout routines. This may not happen on the first try, but over time it can be achieved. A big part of a sandbag workout is the struggle of balancing and stabilizing yourself while completing certain moves. This is what will help you achieve the intense and effective workout you are looking for!

There are many variations to sandbags. For example, some have handles while others do not and some can have sand added or removed. Luckily, The Treadmill Factory carries different kinds of sandbags so that there is something for everyone. Whether you need a sandbag, a sandbag roll, a sandbag pod or sandbag fillers we carry them all! Our 5 store locations in Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie and London along with an online store make it easy for Canadians to shop and have items delivered right to their doors, in any province in Canada!