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Latest Indoor Cycles Reviews

  1. Frequency Fitness M50 – Review by Jayson N.

    I purchased six M50 for my office gym and have had nothing but positive feedback. Highly recommend this product!
    (Posted on 2017-07-10)

  2. Love this bike – Review by Demeter N

    Overall Rating

    Bike arrived yesterday and the Treadmill Factory team set it up quickly & perfectly. It has the same solid feel and smooth quiet ride that the one in the showroom had. Didn't realise how narrow & hard the seat was though - ordered a gel seat today for it which should help. Make sure to order clip pedals if you use them as they are optional. Like the way that the handlebars and seat move up and down but also front or back for a perfect fit. I actually like the feel better than the gym bikes and prefer to use the outdoor cycling videos to classes. There are some great ones available on Youtube. Great value
    (Posted on 2017-07-06)

  3. Fantastic Bike - Frequency Fitness M50 – Review by A Wyatt

    Overall Rating

    I got this bike a week ago. Love it. Smooth, silent, excellent adjustability (I am 6', 190 lb), great seat. 100% happy.

    Treadmill Factory did a professional delivery and installation. Very pleased!
    (Posted on 2016-05-12)

  4. Amazing indoor spinning bike!! – Review by Ash

    Overall Rating

    Price of this bike was amazing. Performance was great. I love spinning everyday .
    (Posted on 2014-01-05)

  5. Perfect spinning bike – Review by Antony

    Overall Rating

    That is a very good spinning bike and fast shipping. Easy to move and well made. Only trouble is the speedometer which is not working after only a month.
    (Posted on 2013-12-06)

Spin Bikes Canada

Commonly referred to as "spinning" you've probably heard of Spin Classes, or even taken them yourself. These classes focus on replicating racing a bicycle, with focus on both endurance training and high intensity interval training. Indoor Cycles are designed with the cyclist in mind, allowing you to train in the off season, or even if you just want to stay indoors or save time by exercising at home.

Spinning at Home

Whether you want to ride an Indoor Cycle with Magnetic Brake resistance or Brake Pad resistance, The Treadmill Factory has got you covered. We offer Schwinn, Horizon and Frequency Fitness models to accommodate your needs. They all have weighted flywheels, which simulate the effects of inertia and momentum when riding a real bicycle.

The Treadmill Factory has a Cardio Machine specifically designed to suit your needs.  The Treadmill Factory is an industry leader in providing Treadmills and premium quality fitness equipment at fair and affordable prices.