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About The Treadmill Factory

For over 25 years, The Treadmill Factory has proudly been serving Canadians in their quest for fitness and health. Today, with our 5 locations at Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, London and an online store, we continue to offer the best fitness equipment through our wide selection of products, exceptional quality, knowledgeable staff, award winning brands and extensive service.

Whether you are looking for cardio equipment such as a treadmill or an elliptical, strength equipment such as benches or home gyms, fitness accessories for yoga or pilates or boxing and MMA gear we carry them all! Our selection is truly endless. We carry any and every piece of fitness equipment imaginable which is why we have come to be known as Canada’s fitness superstore. We understand the importance of both health and fitness and make sure we carry products that are reliable, innovative, comfortable and fun!

In addition to our retail locations and products, The Treadmill Factory also has a full commercial department to serve settings such as Universities, studios and condo corporations. We cater to all areas within the fitness industry whether you require equipment for your home or a gym. Furthermore, we also have our very own service department with technicians who are available to help should any one of our customers require assistance with their equipment.

To view our entire selection of fitness products, we welcome you, your family and your friends to come into any one of our store locations in person, or visit us online and have any of the equipment delivered right to your door, anywhere in Canada!

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  • What Our Customers Are Saying

    1. Cap Barbell Neoprene 9lbs Dumbbell – Review by Patricia V.

      Overall Rating

      These dumbbells are anything but 'dumb'. They don't slip in your hands when you are working out. They don't cause blisters and they handle very easily and well no matter which weight size you use.
      (Posted on 2013-06-11)

    2. Day of Reckoning – Review by Brad M.

      Overall Rating

      It arrived in perfect condition and mechanically it works as it should. I must say that my particular caliper seems to be quite a bit off in its calibration, as it measures my body fat as much higher than I had previously estimated based upon visual assessment and what I told other people it was... LOL
      Nice product to help determine your BMR.
      (Posted on 2013-07-25)

    3. Good unit – Review by Robert

      Overall Rating

      Nice to have the heart rate monitor. Works better with my ipad than android. Only good for 300 charges, which is about 5 years if you use the HR monitor an hour a day. Not a big fan of the strap, but happy with the purchase and price.
      (Posted on 2015-05-17)

    4. WOW... AWESOME! – Review by Matthew

      This product is totally awesome and will if you use it give you a good run for your money. I'm going on a 2 month trip and wanted an exercise tool that would be easy to carry around in a suitcase but that would also really force me to work. I am a certified personal trainer also and am constantly on the lookout for interesting ways to train not only myself but others to and this product is amazing! I do planche dips, dips along with other bodyweight exercises to get stronger and am over 3 bills easy. I can do all kinds of pushups but really got a hammering when I tried to do fly push ups: GET THEM! I have used these gliders in somewhat unconventional ways like for instance pulling and pushing away from the kitchen sink with knees slightly bent holding on to the counter without using any leg strength and that is one way to totally smoke your back and lats. Well worth the money no doubt about it. I'm sure that if you are creative and careful you actually can use these to do some very difficult exercises along with exercises that are easier to do. What a tremendous workout I got today. I couldn't do any rope climb and nothing else after I finished: had the biskit after all I did with these today. They'll certainly get a lot of use not only during my 2 month jaunt abroad but before and well after that trip.
      (Posted on 2015-08-05)

    5. Happy Customer – Review by Kofi A.

      Overall Rating

      Great product, lightning fast delivery. Thanks!
      (Posted on 2013-10-16)