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Latest Core Abs Back Reviews

  1. Glute Ham Bench – Review by Ronald

    Good machine and padding is solid. Verry happy!
    (Posted on 2018-10-16)

  2. Vertical Knee Raise GVKR60 – Review by Igor Polonsky

    Overall Rating

    Excellent addition to my home gym ! Love it very much, specially dips! Very good quality .
    (Posted on 2015-12-15)

  3. – Review by Peter C.

    Overall Rating

    one of the best purchases i ve made from the treadmill factory!
    (Posted on 2013-12-02)

  4. Just what I wanted and at a great price – Review by Mark R T.

    Overall Rating

    After using similar machine at the gym I was happy to find something similar for my home setup. This machine is excellent for isolating the abs and lower back muscles.

    One thing to note is that the assembly instructions are pretty much non-existent; it is just an exploded diagram of the machine itself with indications of what screws and pieces go where. There are no step-by-step instructions. The best way to help yourself in setting this up is identifying all pieces before hand. I used paper cups to sort the screws and washers then marked on them what they contained (such as the diagram shows A1 as the first type of screw), then for the rest of the pieces I used sticky notes and put like pieces in a pile with a sticky note below identifying them (eg. C1, D2, D5, etc). Doing this before starting to put the machine together really made it go smoothly.

    One last note, the padding on the upper chest piece, as well as the rubber that slides over where the foot rest, are extremely tight. They are very hard to get on. If you look at the chest pad you will find that the ends of the leather covering untie, make sure to do this. Then I would suggest using WD40 to spray on the metal where the pad will slide over as well as spray inside the pad itself, it will make it slide on much more easily. Do the same for the rubber coverings on the foot rests (the pads above the footrest slide on easily, so no need for WD40 there. Hope this helps.

    But overall, very pleased with this item. Solidly made and provides a great workout for the intended target areas.
    (Posted on 2013-11-12)

  5. – Review by Andrew A.

    Overall Rating

    Pretty much gym quality piece of kit. Good buy.
    (Posted on 2012-04-12)

Washboard Abs

With the right strength equipment, you can get those washboard abs that you've always longed for. But not only are these pieces of equipment great for your looks, you are going to feel much stronger, and this will give you an advantage in sports, and confidence to take on your day-to-day with energy!

Treadmill Factory to the CORE

A simple ab board bench can easily take your crunches to the next level, and help increase the difficulty of your sit ups, taking you passed the plateau that is preventing you from getting abs. The Roman Chair and Hyperextension are great for your back, and all the equipment is great for your overall health.

The Treadmill Factory has a Strength Machine specifically designed to suit your needs.