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For over 25 years, The Treadmill Factory has proudly been serving Canadians in their quest for fitness and health. Today, with our 5 locations at Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, London and an online store, we continue to offer the best fitness equipment through our wide selection of products, exceptional quality, knowledgeable staff, award winning brands and extensive service.

Whether you are looking for cardio equipment such as a treadmill or an elliptical, strength equipment such as benches or home gyms, fitness accessories for yoga or pilates or boxing and MMA gear we carry them all! Our selection is truly endless. We carry any and every piece of fitness equipment imaginable which is why we have come to be known as Canada’s fitness superstore. We understand the importance of both health and fitness and make sure we carry products that are reliable, innovative, comfortable and fun!

In addition to our retail locations and products, The Treadmill Factory also has a full commercial department to serve settings such as Universities, studios and condo corporations. We cater to all areas within the fitness industry whether you require equipment for your home or a gym. Furthermore, we also have our very own service department with technicians who are available to help should any one of our customers require assistance with their equipment.

To view our entire selection of fitness products, we welcome you, your family and your friends to come into any one of our store locations in person, or visit us online and have any of the equipment delivered right to your door, anywhere in Canada!

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  • What Our Customers Are Saying

    1. Excellent – Review by Roxanne M.

      Overall Rating

      These Clips are great to have extras of .. a bit pricey for what they are but you need them!
      (Posted on 2013-11-29)

    2. Excellent – Review by Sara

      Overall Rating

      (Posted on 2016-03-08)

    3. Pilates ball – Review by Mariette S.

      Overall Rating

      I have been using balls in my class for some time now but I have been using the balls that you buy at walmart and they weren't a lot cheaper but they kept loosing air and they are alot heavier. The girls in my class love these new ones, they are easy to handle and work good for us.
      (Posted on 2013-05-17)

    4. Good machine. – Review by No Names

      Overall Rating

      I’ve had this elliptical machine for a couple of weeks now. I use it daily for approximately one hour.

      I like the fact that it doesn’t take up too much of a footprint. I’m not including the dimensions of the unit as you can get that info. from both the seller and/or the manufacturer.

      It is an entry level commercial quality machine, at a reasonable price. It’s a sturdy machine, built well (very solid). It’s fairly quiet to; I think my heavy breathing during a workout is louder than the sound of the moving parts of this machine. It has a reasonably sized cup holder to hold your beverage and an “Over Molded Reading Rack/Tablet Holder”. It’s a perk but when you’re working out, why would you want to be reading? I guess it can be used to hold your tablet so you can play music as you’re working out, but for anybody who uses it to hold reading material....put down your reading material(s) and focus on your workout! Just my two cents.

      It has nine different programs : Manual, Cardio, Arm Sculpture, Leg Shaper, Random, Sports Intervals, Easy Intervals, Rolling Hills & One Big Hill. I’m sure you can figure out what each of these programs offer you based on their descriptions, so I won’t go any further into that.

      The console is nice as well. It’s simple to operate. Not too small, and not so big that the user will be distracted trying to figure out complex features. I didn’t have to read the manual to figure out how it worked. I like that. When I buy equipment like this, I want to be able to use a console that’s very intuitive & easy to figure out.

      The moving footpads have an “Orthopedic Soft Step Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Material”. It’s very soft; I love the comfort it offers. It also has a stationary side step (one on each side), in case you want to rest in the standing position. I personally think this is an unneccessary feature as you can stand still on the moving footpads. The only thing is, if you stand still on the moving footpads, you run the risk of falling if you’re disoriented and can’t maintain a stationary position. I don’t have this problem so it’s not an issue for me.

      The only thing I dislike about this model is the heart rate monitor sensor placement. The sensors are placed on the stationary rails; one on each side. This means, in order to get a reading on your heart rate, you have to place your hands on the stationary side rails instead of working them out, moving them back and forth.

      A better placement option for the heart rate monitor sensors, would have been on the moving “Multi-Grip Handles”. That way you can move your arms back and forth while getting a heart rate reading. I chose an elliptical machine so that I could work out my arms & my legs simultaneously and the current heart rate monitor sensor doesn’t allow that. Another annoyance is that it takes a couple of minutes before the machine will read my heart rate. I think the sensor is a bit too sensitive on the finger(s) placement. So for a couple of minutes, I’m not moving my arms getting the workout I wanted. Again, this is nothing major but the machine has this feature, so why not be able to utilize it effectively? I plan on getting an external heart rate monitor (the kind you strap around your chest) so that I can keep both of my arms moving during my entire workout.

      All in all I’d say this is an excellent machine & I’d strongly recommend it.
      (Posted on 2017-08-04)

    5. FDD 2 lb Pilates Ball – Review by Barbara Jones

      These balls are excellent and the service including delivery was remarkable.
      (Posted on 2015-11-12)