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Latest Dumbbells Reviews from our Canadian Customers

  1. Great and Consistent Quality – Review by Ethan

    Overall Rating

    I'm quite happy with my purchase. The rubber coating is of good quality and the paint ob the grip seems be last forever. I have dumbbells of this series, purchased few years ago from Treadmill Factory, and the quality is still almost identical. Definitely recommend them. The only complain I had was the grease residue left of the product that I had some difficulty cleaning off. Still a great product to use.
    (Posted on 2018-10-18)

  2. Mr – Review by Tadewos

    Overall Rating

    I'm very satisfied all what you have product and thanks for excellent customer service over all it's fantastic
    (Posted on 2018-10-17)

  1. Dumbbell – Review by Amanda

    Overall Rating

    Awesome!! Great dumbbell, and for the price!! Can't beat it:)
    (Posted on 2016-02-05)

  2. Solid dumbells – Review by Sean

    Overall Rating

    A solid pair of dumbells with quality rubber and good grip at a decent price (got them for 84 cents/lb).
    (Posted on 2016-02-03)

  1. Mr – Review by Ed Cotton

    Overall Rating

    Exactly as shown good value for the money
    (Posted on 2016-05-09)

  2. Neoprene 15lbs Dumbbell – Review by Caralyn Zeitler

    Overall Rating


    (Posted on 2016-05-01)

About Dumbbells Canada

Dumbbells are essential for anyone who is weight training and are considered to be one of the most popular workout tools within the fitness industry.

The Treadmill Factory has several different dumbbells to choose from which vary in material, price and weight increment. We carry dumbbells sets, polyurethane dumbbells, neoprene dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells and virgin rubber coated dumbbells which have no odor to them at all. Our dumbbells can be purchased individually, in pairs or in sets to accommodate everyone, whether you are a beginner or a professional, whether it is for residential use or a commercial setting such as a fitness facility or a school. We have dumbbell options for everyone, no matter the fitness setting or environment you are in. We offer every weight increment imaginable from 1lb all the way up to 120lbs.

Come and visit us in person at any one of our store locations where all of our dumbbells are on display for our customers to see and try or, visit us online and have the items delivered right to your door, anywhere in Canada!

Dumbbells Weight

Our virgin rubber hex dumbbells are very popular because unlike most dumbbells, they are made with virgin rubber which provides a more whole, tough and durable rubber material. This is because virgin rubber does not have to undergo the same chemical treatment that gives basic rubber its unpleasant smell. The toxic odors that are associated with regular rubber are effectively eliminated, meaning working out in your gym will not irate your sense of smell or give you a headache. Lastly, the shape of the handles of our hex dumbbells helps to reduce fatigue and maximize comfort. They are available from 3lbs all the way up to 120lbs.

Our neoprene dumbbells are available in several different increments. They begin at 1lb and go all the way up to 15lbs. Each increment is a different colour and these dumbbells provide for a fun and effective workout.

Our polyurethane dumbbells are made of solid cast iron with a protective black urethane coating. They have no odour or greasy feel and the hexagon shaped dumbbell heads are designed to prevent rolling, as well as provide easier storage. These dumbbells are available in several different increments which range from 5lbs all the way up to 50lbs.

The Treadmill Factory has a Strength And Conditioning Equipment specifically designed to suit your needs.