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Latest Elliptical Reviews:

  1. Relatively happy! – Review by Marian

    Overall Rating

    We’ve got the elliptical C7.5 not long ago, still exploring all futures the machine has to offer. However, it’s not right to feel obligated to buy membership in order to benefit from the best possible workout this machine can offer.
    (Posted on 2019-02-09)

  2. excercise machine – Review by michelle francis

    Overall Rating

    So far so good. was not difficult putting together. I am please and excited about this two in one machine. I strongly recommend.
    (Posted on 2018-12-14)

  3. Good product, great service – Review by Pierre David

    Overall Rating

    Good product for a good interval training.

    Great service by the Treadmill Factory, fast delivery as scheduled.
    (Posted on 2018-12-08)

  4. Vertical Elliptical Motion Crushes Regular Elliptical Movement – Review by Louise Bagshawe

    Fantastic machine. I paid for assembly which I recommend. If you are trying to get fit, your first machine should be a treadmill and this should be your second machine. Why? The motion is unique, a more vertical oval than horizontal one, and this gets you fitter, faster. For the upper body, those looping handles mean you can place your hand grip in all kinds of positions and work different muscles of your back and legs/glute. The possible variants crush most ellipticals out there. The motion is smooth and the footprint is small for a machine of this kind. Between a treadmill and this I would take this, as I can always jog outside, but I can’t get a stair climber meets elliptical on my own.

    I have worked out in gyms and have a home gym with pro level equipment, but this machine is easily the greatest home exerciser I have ever purchased. I bought one for a friend and used it when I stayed over, then loved that machine so much over our expensive elliptical and treadmill that after hesitating a little bit I literally bought another. Yes this should be a verified purchase as I am a repeat customer. Get it - it’s an easy workout at the lowest resistance levels, but at moderate and above it will kick your behind in good ways. Thus, from beginner to elite, you can grow into this machine, whose vertical oval “climb/elliptical”, shorter and higher than the standard horizontal loop, should become a new cardio machine standard.
    (Posted on 2018-10-11)

  5. Very Satisfied Customer – Review by Rita Michou

    Overall Rating

    I purchased E55 couple of weeks a go from The Treadmill Factory from the Markham store, and I just love using it, it’s very quiet it has variety of programs and I can use it while I am watching TV I found it on line and I had a question how long will take for the delivery however the next day I got an email from the sales department Timika I just want to say Timika was so helpful to me as I am so picky when I purchase something, Timika was emailing me with information for different Elliptical and values back and forth until I decide to purchase the E55 I must say an amazing customer service. The Elliptical was deliver as schedule and was brought down to my basement by three guys that deliver it were so careful not to scratch my home. They assemble it in no time in as all, just want to say overall I would recommend The Treadmill Factory at the Markham location to buy for an amazing customer service, thank you so much, Rita
    (Posted on 2018-10-04)