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Latest Exercise Bikes Reviews

  1. Bike suited for long legs – Review by Fondy Tam

    We purchased this bike based on its brand reputation, solid construction (need to support 260lbs) and features. It was fairly easy to assemble with two people. It is very quiet and smooth. It's a great fit for my 6'2" hubby but I am 5'2" and I have to drop the seat right down. I don't need the clip. With running shoes, it just makes a decent reach. I think because of the leg reach, the seat numbs my all my nether regions. I do not think that is very healthy. I use the bike, but for shorter periods. It is a very good bike but best suited for those taller than myself. Shipping company dropped off the bike on my porch. I expected to sign for it and given the chance to inspect the box for damage. There were a couple of spots where the box has twooney sized holes. The bike was in good shape except where the A/C plug was. It was cracked. We put electrical tape over it to cover it. The bike functions just fine.
    (Posted on 2019-01-20)

  2. excercise machine – Review by michelle francis

    Overall Rating

    So far so good. was not difficult putting together. I am please and excited about this two in one machine. I strongly recommend.
    (Posted on 2018-12-14)

  3. perfect bike – Review by Milly Frontenac

    Overall Rating

    just wanted to give my 2 cents on this bike, since it's not got a lot out there on it. for my needs, this is the perfect bike, got a good sturdy seat, and my needs are just to get me moving for about 15-20 inutes a day. it's quite basic, but that's all i need it for, and for the price, it definitely feels better than some of the machine i've tried in department stores. thanks guys!
    (Posted on 2017-08-31)

  4. Tougher than it looks ... – Review by The_Greek

    Overall Rating

    Tried it once a few years ago. Didn't remember how intense it was. Bought it on a recommendation, learned quickly that maximum effort is required. Excellent system, strong parts.

    An iPhone connection port would be an excellent addition to the computer.
    (Posted on 2017-08-07)

  5. RXM Air Bike – Review by Andre Noel

    Overall Rating

    Had this bike for 2 weeks it. Makes for some very challenging workouts. Built very well, easy setup. Lot's of people complaining about the seat comfort and I agree. Will be looking for a gel cover to fix this issue. Also, great service from "The Treadmill Factory". Would buy from them again.
    (Posted on 2017-05-08)

About Exercise Bikes

Stationary Exercise Bikes usually fall into two general categories: Upright Exercise Bikes and Recumbent Exercise Bikes. Upright Bikes can also include Indoor Cycles, although their increase in popularity has caused Indoor Cycles to be considered it's own class of Exercise Bike. And with changes and innovations in the field of exercise equipment, new hybrids and types of bikes are constantly emerging. One of these newer styles of bikes that are very popular now is the Assault AirBike.

Top Exercise Bikes

Aside from the Assault AirBike, we carry a lot of different options, in both Upright and Recumbent styles. We stock only reputable brands that are always on the leading edge of new developments and technologies. Starting from the Vision R10 and U10 bikes, through to the Horizon Elite bikes, and up to the True and Octane bikes, we stand behind our line of Exercise Bikes.

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