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Functional Trainers for Sale in Canada!

Functional Trainers for Sale

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Latest Functional Trainer Reviews from our Canadian Customers

  1. Top notch – Review by Dave

    Overall Rating

    I purchased this cage from tmf Calgary and haven't regretted it one bit. Bang for the buck you won't find better. I opted to install ladder upside down since I'm only 5'9 and it's perfect. The cage is quite sturdy, it wiggles a bit with 180 on the smith bar doing squats but that's to be expected. 2 things I would list as complaints(minor) the hooks could b cut down just a touch to hook in better and the instructions are kinda bad. Beyond that this thing is amazing I have worked out in many gyms on many machines for over a decade and I love it no maybes.
    (Posted on 2017-12-29)

  2. 3-in-1 Rig equals excellence! – Review by Rodolfo SA

    Overall Rating

    This is a superb rig! It's a power/half rack, a smith machine and a functional trainer all in one. Four large boxes, fits inside my Honda CRV with rear seats folded down. Packaging is excellent; not one single item is not wrapped in bubble wrap, so there are no scratches on the components. Assembly may be a challenge as there is no step-by-step instructions, but if you study the diagrams carefully and follow the markings for all the nut and bolts, then things will be easy.

    The functional trainer's cables and pulleys work very smoothly. For a residential grade rig, the smith machine works smoothly. The rig may shake a tiny bit, but that is expected for residential use.

    I have a 9' ceiling and this fits just right, with enough clearance for the top most part of the pull-up bar. The machine is only ideal for someone like me who stands 5'10"; anyone taller may find it a challenge as the functional trainer and the smith machine bar don't adjust any higher.

    My one gripe is that the supplied nuts and bolts does not match what is indicated in the instructions. As you progress through the build, you may notice that you will run out of some of the bolts that you have used and will end up with longer ones, which was what happened to me so I ended up with some at the latter part of assembly. Nothing missing, though, so it's only a minor thing.

    I highly recommend this product, considering you are getting three (four if you include the pull up bar) systems in one. No regrets in the purchase, very satisfied. Quality product, thumbs up!
    (Posted on 2017-09-27)

  3. Powerline Cable Crossover Machine PCCO9OX – Review by Gordon Maddison

    I have ordered (order #200125940) the machine but I haven't received it yet.

    I look forward to receiving the machine in fact excited about it.

    I'm very impressed with the reviews.
    (Posted on 2017-04-05)

  4. 100% satisfied – Review by Brian Tapp

    Overall Rating

    Powerline quality is top notch!Easy to put together.Very smooth operation.
    (Posted on 2014-10-27)

  5. Perfect value – Review by Michael N.

    Overall Rating

    This machine takes about 1.5 hours to assemble.
    It is a great machine. I don't mind loading or unloading the plates, because that is why it was 1500 dollars cheaper then a machine with the weight stack. It slides really well. I put 80 lbs on it to do tricept pushdowns and it didn't feel like it was wobbly at all. If you are really picky about it being completely solid then all you would have to do is screw it to the floor. If I get around to doing it I would just use teck screws (concrete screws).
    It is totally worth what you pay for it. unless I was going to use it for bent rows or traps, I would never overload it.
    It was actually better than what I expected.
    (Posted on 2013-09-03)

Why Functional Trainers?

Whether you are looking at a Single Stack Trainer or a Multi Stack Trainer, Functional Trainers are one of the pieces of equipment that you can do virtually every exercise on. Equipped with cable pulley systems, they target just about any muscle group in your body! You can do hundreds of variations of key movements to isolate certain areas. You can change the pivot point so that you are lifting from a low point, or pulling from a high point. Plus, they come with interchangeable attachments, so you can use single hand grips or two hand grips.

Best buy Functional Trainers

Best buy Functional Trainers in Canada for full body work out. Popular models such as the Torque Fitness F2 Functional Trainer and Body Solid GDCC200, GDCC210 and GDCC250 Functional Training Centers are available. If you're looking for something more simple, maybe the Powerline Cable Crossover Machine is suited for you. Either way, we have something for you. We also have the fold-away F7 Strength Trainer by Torque, for those that want their equipment to save space or more seamlessly blend into their home setting.

The Treadmill Factory has a Strength Machine specifically designed to suit your needs.