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Latest Treadmill Reviews:

  1. Perfect machine for my needs! – Review by Alexey Dmitri

    Overall Rating

    I had to get a treadmill for rehabbing my knee a hwile back. Used it every day for a couple of months, just walking. Then when I started jogging, it still held up really well. Haven't graduated to running yet, but by the way it does not budge right now with the jogging, I am sure that it will be just as sturdy. The sales person took the time to assess my needs and looks like we got a great machine out of it. Thanks TF Team!
    (Posted on 2017-08-14)

  2. I'm blind – Review by Antonio Mentone

    Overall Rating

    I've been using this treadmill for almost 3 months and I'm on it for 2 hours daily at maximum speed.
    (Posted on 2017-06-15)

  3. Great product – Review by stacy

    Overall Rating

    Great product! I love that you are able to fold it in a desk
    (Posted on 2017-02-10)

  4. Great value for the price and very quiet – Review by ReddLefty

    Overall Rating

    I ordered over the web and the delivery was only a few days. The package came delivered on a skid and was in perfect condition. This model was double the price at one of the large Canadian super stores. I was very impressed how quiet the machine ran and that my running makes more noise than the treadmill itself! Quick assembly. The only CON I found was that the casters (wheels) are small and in plastic making it difficult to move. At first, it was carving into my wood floor when trying to move it. Obviously it's not moved that often once in place and I bought a mat to lay the treadmill on.
    (Posted on 2016-03-29)

  5. Healthware 1.5T Folding Treadmill – Review by tanya

    Overall Rating

    item was as described and I love it thanks
    (Posted on 2015-12-15)