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Latest Treadmill Reviews:

  1. Great treadmill, glitchy software – Review by Andre

    Overall Rating

    The treadmill itself works great, is more than wide enough to be comfortable and makes little noise. The software is glitchy however... Been trying to update the software with no success and when I tried the 'onboard apps' it cut out after 5 minutes. The apps was a nice to have to me so I'm still overall very happy with the treadmill despite the glitchy software.
    (Posted on 2018-11-21)

  2. AirRunner has me running again! – Review by Barry

    Overall Rating

    I'm a big, old guy with 35 years in the gym. At 260 pounds running has always been my nemesis, causing knee and hip pain. I own two other traditional treadmills and use them only for incline walking. My Air Runner has me actually running again, pain-free! I love the natural feel, the strike of my feet and the awareness of my glutes and calves actually firing. People seem to be daunted by the price point, but I think this machine is worth every penny.
    (Posted on 2018-10-18)


    Overall Rating

    Best Product ever, I'm wrintin this review while I'm walking, i do an average of 1hr daily, Loving the experience and kept my weight in check
    (Posted on 2018-10-16)

  4. Good Treadmill – Review by Moe Priell

    Overall Rating

    We have owned this treadmill only a short time. It functions flawlessly, it is very quiet and the deck is wide and comfortable. The controls are easy to understand and use and the built in fans and speakers are a nice feature. The preset programs are very useful.

    The unit is heavy and very sturdy. I assembled where it would be used to make it easy to move into position.
    (Posted on 2018-10-10)

  5. SUPER MACHINE! – Review by Landman

    Overall Rating

    Love the machine. It has reached our expectations and more. We use it almost everyday and no problems!
    (Posted on 2018-10-10)