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Weight Loss, Performance and Aerobic training all starts with your heart rate and TRUE’s HRC Cruise Control gives you the option you to lock-in your heart rate when you reach your target, allowing you to train efficiently and maximize your workout.


TRUE Fitness’ own mobile app allows users to track their workouts and stay motivated. Available on both iTunes and the Android Marketplace, the TRUE Fitness app allows users to keep statistics of their time, distances, calories burned and more.Download the app for free today.


An engineered cushioning system found on TRUE treadmills that provides a soft impact area and firmer push off area, providing a treadmill that is easier on your knees and an orthopedically correct running surface.


TRUE’s Core Drive elliptical design allows you to use the elliptical as a cardio machine and resistance trainer with a sequence of randomized upper body, lower body, and total body exercises.


No matter where we find ourselves, technology is an everyday part of our lives and being connected has never been more important. With TRUE’s Transcend and Escalate displays, you can connect to entertainment and workout data tracking tools.


TRUE’s Motivation Series treadmills and ellipticals are compact in size so they easily fit in your home, while offering the highest value, quality and features in their class. The M-Series treadmills provide a cushioned front for softer impact and firmer back for a more stable push-off, while the M-Series ellipticals use a patented core drive design that delivers you TRUE’s Cardio 360™ Total Body training programs. With Cardio 360™, you can engage in a total body, upper-body only, or lower-body only workout. All M-Series treadmills and elliptical are equipped with clear and crisp displays that help you stay motivated.


TRUE’s Performance Series treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes are commercial designs and commercial quality made available for home use. TRUE’s Performance Series treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes are the workhorses of home cardio equipment and come with an array of versatile features that will fit your needs.


TRUE’s Excel Series brings you the most rugged and innovative function in sleek and dynamic designs. TRUE’s unrivaled Excel Series brings you the ultimate in home treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes.


If you are looking to bring your fitness routine home, but space is an issue, look no further than the TRUE Z-Series treadmills. Voted Runner’s World’s “Plushest Ride”, the TRUE Z5.4 treadmill offers the known TRUE quality in one of the most space efficient home treadmills on the market. Designed to fit into your lifestyle without overtaking it, these machines offer not only a small footprint and low step-up height, but a proven belt and deck combination, further enhanced by TRUE’s Soft Select system. The Z treadmills offer a compact design without compromising your running surface. Intelligent design, features, and TRUE durability in a compact machine makes Z treadmills perfect for the space-conscious consumer